Become Seller

At we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a wide range of exciting products at the most affordable prices.
Since our beginnings in 2017, has sold over 400,000 products worldwide. With established access to over 10,000 products. We are confident that we can deliver your products to the world on a robust ecommerce platform.

We have worked hard to create a wide range of products to cover all our customers’ needs, and we are always on the lookout for amazing new products. Becoming a supplier gives your products the opportunity to be seen and purchased by millions of people. Our suppliers are valued for their quality and reliability, and we enjoy building long-lasting partnerships with them.

Our mission is to deliver reputable Chinese products to the global market place at affordable prices, we hereby welcome you to apply below.

Seller / Supplier registration process guidelines below:

Basic information:

  1. Deposit: $US 1,000
  2. Payment method (Monthly or Half monthly)
    • Monthly: The 1st of each month is the settlement date for the previous month’s period
    • Half monthly: The 16th and 1st of the following month are the settlement dates for each half month’s period.

Registration qualifications:

The following documents are required for Domestic Suppliers:
  1. Business license
  2. Tax enrollment certificate
  3. Organization code card
  4. Incorporate body representative ID card copies (both sides)
  5. Brand authorization license or Agency authorization license
  6. Trademark registration license
  7. Test report